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ProCOAT Tour

Our 16,000 square foot building is conveniently located at 2872 South Santa Fe Avenue in San Marcos, CA in North San Diego County. This interactive slideshow of our facility showcases all areas of our corporate office, both inside and out.
  • ProCOAT Corporate Headquarters


    Welcome to ProCoat!

    ProCoat Corporate Headquarters 1
  • ProCOAT Corporate Headquarters


    We are located at 2872 South Santa Fe Avenue in San Marcos, California in North San Diego County.

    ProCoat Corporate Headquarters 2
  • ProCOAT Corporate Headquarters


    Our facilities come complete with loading dock access for customer convenience.

    ProCoat Corporate Headquarters 3
  • ProCOAT Corporate Headquarters


    We invite all of our customers to view our facilities to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality of our services.

  • Clean Rooms


    Our clean rooms are constantly kept in a pristine state.

    ProCoat Clean Room 1
  • Clean Rooms


    Each clean room provides ample space for our employees to complete their work effectively and efficiently.

    Clean Room 2
  • Our Clean Rooms


    An inside view of one of our clean rooms.

    Clean Room 3
  • Our Clean Rooms


    Another view of one of our clean rooms.

    Clean Room 4
  • Our Clean Rooms


    A shipment of boards is lined up and organized after finishing in the cleaning room.

    Clean Room 5
  • Our Clean Rooms


    More boards are lined up for preparation.

    Clean Room 6
  • Environmental Control Rooms


    Every clean room is monitored by an environmental control display viewable from every entrance.

    Environmental Control
  • Large Spray Booths


    ProCoat's facility includes ample room to house three bay spray booths for larger orders.

  • Individual Spray Booths


    In addition to large bay spray booths, our facility also includes multiple individual spray booths.

    Spray booth
  • Spray Booths Under Black Lights


    Every booth has alternate black lighting to more easily view the fine details of our work.

    Spreay booth under black light
  • Receiving Rooms


    Our receiving rooms are large enough to handle multiple concurrent orders with extreme ease.

    ProCoat Receiving
  • Touch Up Labs


    The ProCoat facility includes multiple touch-up labs where we double and triple check our work before giving it our seal of approval.

    Touch Up Lab
  • Touch Up Labs


    It is in our nature to provide only the best quality products to our clients. These touch up labs are instrumental in helping accomplish those goals.

    Touch Up Lab 2
  • Touch Up Labs


    The touch-up labs are also lit under black lighting to facilitate more detailed inspections.

    Touch Up Lab 2
  • Blue M Floor Model Ovens


    ProCoat is home to two large blue M floor model ovens (left) and multiple aqueous board washing machines (right).

    Blue Model Oven
  • Large Open Work Areas


    Our 16,000 square foot facility gives us plenty of room to take care of your business needs.

    Class 10000 clean room