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ProCOAT Equipment

"The following equipment and instrumentation assures the highest quality and performance of our coatings for your projects. All our equipment is calibrated and inspected to N.I.S.T. Standard and IPC-17025."

Class 100,000 AR/UR/ER Spray Booth
Class 100,000 Silicon Spray Booth
Class 100,000 UV Light Spray Booth
Devibliss, Binks HVLP Spray Equipment
Class 100,000 Terra Universal Clean Room for Masking/Inspection with Humidity Control
PC101 Precision Dip Coating System
Blue M Ovens, Extra Large Floor Models (3)
Automatic Bench Top UV Cure Conveyor System
Automatic Dispensing Systems for Epoxy and Underfill
Aqueous Board Washing Machines (2)
Trident ZDO Washers (2)
Aqueous Tech Automatic Ionic Contaminants Tester (R.O.S.E.)
Amscope Microscope with Digital Camera
Mantis Microscope with Digital Camera
UCSTAT ESD Wrist and Foot Tester
ACL800 Megometer Tester Unit
Calibrated Calipers
Calibrated Micrometers, Extech Thermohygrometer (3)
Myron Ultra Meter
Compressed/De-ionized/Filtered Dried Air

Zero Ion Cleanliness Tester
Zero Ion Cleanliness Tester
Dip coating machine
PC101 Precision Dip Coating System
Aqueous Zero Discharge Board Washing Machine
Aqueous Zero Discharge Board Washing Machine
Blue M Oven 2
Blue M Oven and Aqueous Board Washing Machine